Tire Repair

Fixing a flat tire on your bicycle is not difficult. However, it does usually involve several steps:


1. Releasing the brakes

2. Removing the wheel

3. Removing the tire and tube

4. Checking for damage and determining problem source

5. Repairing or replacing the tube or tire

6. Reinstalling the tire

7. Reinstalling the wheel

8. Re-attaching the brakes


REI’s Expert Advice series provides good instructions and video tutorials on how to fix a flat tire on your bike.


Be prepared. When going on long trips on your bicycle, it is always a good idea to carry a spare tube of the right size. Your tube size is indicated on the sidewall of your tires and in your owner’s manual. You should also consider carrying a patch kit – a compact and economical alternative to a new tube. Tire levers that make removing the tire easier are compact and can usually fit into even a small underseat bike bag. You will also need a portable pump to re-inflate the tire after tube repair or replacement.