Stan Grabish

Why did you get involved in Human Powered Delray?


Having recently moved from Atlanta, I saw 1st hand with the Beltline how interconnected trails can transform an area.


Where is your favorite place to walk or ride in Delray Beach?


I love to run on the beach, or alongside the Dixie Highway on the dirt trails.


What city or project do you consider to be a good pedestrian or cycling model for Delray to learn from or emulate?


Definitely the Beltline in Atlanta. The pedestrian traffic on the Beltline is amazing and has really energized adjoining neighborhoods.


HPD is working on several initiatives. What is the most important improvement you think Delray needs to make to its pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure or culture?


The Greenway along the E4 canal has the opportunity to connect Boynton Beach to Boca Raton. Being able to run / bike on a car free corridor would be awesome, and attract commercial development in areas currently underdeveloped.