Peak-Snowbird Time


18 Feb Peak-Snowbird Time

Peak-snowbird months of February, March, and April are upon us with many festivals and events scheduled all over South Florida and especially here in Delray Beach. HPD is working hard to make sure that walkers and bike riders who choose to make their way to these fun, family-friendly festivities on their own power can do so safely and conveniently while getting some healthful exercise and enjoying our spectacular Florida “winter weather” (hah!) – best experienced outside of a car.

We have a ways to go in our infrastructure, and especially in our culture, to reach bike-ped lifestyle nirvana; but the genuine desire for change is evident everywhere and growing (watch “America’s Love Affair with Great City Streets“), and HPD is ready with the initiatives, ideas, and connections to transform Delray Beach into the premier bike-ped community in the Sunshine State!We expect to make great strides in advancing our agenda in 2015 as we continue to enhance the quality of life for all residents, part-time residents, and visitors (and lost travelers) in Delray Beach by getting more people walking, biking, and smiling (in no particular order).

Oh, and March is Bike Month in Florida (May is National Bike Month), which means bike rodeos, organized family bike rides, and free bikes for everyone in Delray Beach! (Okay, I made that last one up.)HPD Leadership News: HPD Board Secretary Jim Chard has stepped up to assume the role of HPD Chair following the resignation of Bruce Bastian. Board member Ryan Feller replaces Jim as HPD Secretary. Pablo del Real and Tripp Rea have been re-elected as Vice Chair and Treasurer, respectively. (Great job, guys!)


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