Patrick Halliday

PatrickHallidayPatrick Halliday is the founder of the Delray Beach Bike Club and the executive director of Wellfest Delray 2015, one of the largest health and wellness festivals in Palm Beach County.


Why did you get involved in Human Powered Delray?


I am strongly committed to bicycle and pedestrian safety. As this community continues to grow we need a voice to represent the concerns of the people who live and work here.


Where is your favorite place to walk or ride in Delray Beach?


My favorite place is Lake Ida Park.


What city or project do you consider to be a good pedestrian or cycling model for Delray to learn from or emulate?


Any project where a city or town installs protected bike lanes. Arlington Virginia is one that comes to mind.


HPD is working on several initiatives. What is the most important improvement you think Delray needs to make to its pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure or culture?


We need a full time Pedestrian Bicycle Coordinator. We are missing out on millions of dollars of state and federal funding each year. This should be a priority of our city commissioners right now not tomorrow.