nickstumpWhy did you get involved in Human Powered Delray?


My wife and I moved here from Cary, NC to open our own fitness related business and came from a city that took creating greenways and bike pathways extremely seriously. We know that there is a major need for that in Delray and some serious potential too so we wanted to get involved at the ground level to do anything in our power to make it a reality as we want to raise our family here for the foreseeable future


Where is your favorite place to walk or ride in Delray Beach?


Easily up and down A1A with the multi-use path and the El Rio trail in South Delray.


What city or project do you consider to be a good pedestrian or cycling model for Delray to learn from or emulate?


For the greenway project, I believe following the El Rio model would be perfect or the path used in Lake Ida park on a larger scale. The new bike lanes on Federal Highway look fantastic so that would be a perfect model to follow for the any future bike lane projects down the road.


HPD is working on several initiatives. What is the most important improvement you think Delray needs to make to its pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure or culture?


Being a runner with some cycling on the side, I am biased in thinking that the greenway project is the most important. No one in the area really has a greenway outside of a park that can connect on side of town with the other. This would truly set us a part from the pack and give some serious credit to Delray Beach that we are so much more than Atlantic Avenue.