Maj. Joseph Bernadel

Why did you get involved in Human Powered Delray?


The work done by HPD is a continuation of the service to this community that has been my central focus for the past fifteen years. The opportunity for safe bicycle use within Delray Beach and the adjacent communities is of great value for people of all walks of life.


The Lake Ida area.


Where is your favorite place to walk or ride in Delray Beach?


Recently, I visited the wonderful city of Vienna, Austria where I saw firsthand how a well-designed network of integrated mobility (that is open to all citizens) has benefited society at large. This concept is of great value to any modern society.


What city or project do you consider to be a good pedestrian or cycling model for Delray to learn from or emulate?


​When I was young, I lived in Reston Virginia. You could walk anywhere in town without ever crossing a major road – it had tunnels or bridges. Reston has a pathway that follows its own course to the major areas of town. I know that it is impossible to retrofit a city like Delray Beach – that is not a planned community – but I think we should do everything we can do to be the “most walkable town in Florida.”​ ​ Reston is probably where I developed my love of walking everywhere.


HPD is working on several initiatives. What is the most important improvement you think Delray needs to make to its pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure or culture?


The inclusion of youth and people of various cultural backgrounds who use carbon negative modes of transportation in their daily life is crucial in affecting greater change in Delray Beach. Allowing for a cross-cultural dialogue on this topic is absolutely necessary.