LDR Revisions

Land Development Regulations

Land Development Regulations (LDRs) dictate what can be built in our city.  During the recent revision process, HPD studied the LDRs to develop and promote modifications that would make Delray  more bike and pedestrian friendly.   Here are some of HPD’s proposals:


~ Special setbacks to preserve space for bike and pedestrian access and use


~ Standard Improvements for all developments with regard to bike-ped rights of way; developer to contribute to a bike-ped in-lieu fund


~ Standard sidewalks established as 6 feet wide in residential neighborhoods and 10 feet in commercial


~ For developments located between portions of a bicycle trail system, links must be completed even for non-abutting properties


~ Performance standards for bike-ped interconnections to apply to commercial developments as well as residential


~ No waivers granted for bike-ped improvements; instead an in-lieu fee will be established for such improvements


~ Class 3 developments trigger application of LDR requirements