Ken Parker

KenParkerWhy did you get involved in Human Powered Delray?


Delray Beach is a fantastic location to live and vacation. I believe that the city can be even more pleasant with improvements geared to making the city more pedestrian friendly. Becoming an active participant in HPD allows me a venue to promote changes that all residents and visitors can benefit from.


Where is your favorite place to walk or ride in Delray Beach?


I most enjoy spending time downtown along Atlantic Ave and on A1A just north or south of Atlantic.


What city or project do you consider to be a good pedestrian or cycling model for Delray to learn from or emulate?


Ann Arbor Michigan is a city that is very pedestrian friendly and progressive with regards to attitude and urban planning.


HPD is working on several initiatives. What is the most important improvement you think Delray needs to make to its pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure or culture?


From my perspective, a primary focus should be given to advancing an infrastructure of sidewalks and crosswalks to areas outside of the immediate downtown area. There are many locations in Delray Beach where safety is sorely lacking due to deficiencies of these basics.