Grant Applications

Logo1TAP Priority Projects – 1-28-2015 (PDF) – Includes the following projects:

  • George Bush Blvd from Federal Highway to A1A
  • Bicycle Lanes / Sharrows from A1A to Tri-Rail along Atlantic Ave. and Congress
  • First Mile of Construction (or more) along the E-4 LWDD Canal


PeopleForBikes Grant Program – Letter of Interest – Draft – Short – 1-23-2015 (PDF) – Request for assistance with design and layout of the first phase of a Delray Beach Greenway, which will be located along the E-4 canal within the Delray Beach Golf Club. The City is served by a network of canals that convey seasonal rainfall to the Atlantic Ocean. There is sufficient right-of-way to allow for recreational uses without compromising the canal’s primary purpose. The long term plan is to establish a multi-purpose trail along the E-4 Canal: the “Delray Beach Greenway.” Envisioned is a north-south automobile-free thoroughfare comprised of landscaped and water-bordered bike and walking paths. The 5-mile Greenway will provide access to schools, the municipal golf course, and eventually connect with a major east-west greenway that leads to the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and the Lake Ida marine and park area. The golf course portion of the Delray Beach Greenway was selected because the golf course is already publicly owned, reducing costs and possible objections to the pathway.


HPD Support Letter to Mayor Glickstein for Five Grant Applications to Palm Beach County MPO for Funding :



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1. Greenway 1st Mile Along E4 Canal stretching from Lowson to Atlantic Avenue providing access to schools and a prospective nature preserve


2. George Bush Boulevard Reconstruction as a complete street linking north-south bike and ped pathways to the beach and relieving traffic from Atlantic Avenue and its bridge


3. Homewood Bike Lane from Old Germantown Road to Lowson which extends the bike lane running south from Atlantic to Lowson


4. Swinton Avenue Bike Lane which provides a sorely needed north-south route through the middle of the City. This route also connects east-west bike-ped paths and provides direct access to the City’s vibrant CBD


5. Expansion of Trolley System to deliver residents and visitors to a wider range of locations and purposes, helping relieve automobile congestion in downtown Delray and providing a multi-modal link to the Tri-Rail commuter line