Get Involved!

Logo1Are you one of the many residents who want to make it safer, easier, and more fun to walk and bicycle in this All-America City? Are you ready to work together with others to make Delray Beach more pedestrian and bicycle friendly? Become a member and join our movement. Join us for monthly Meetups. Follow and Like us on Twitter and Facebook. Participate in our Bike2Market program at the Delray GreenMarket on Saturdays. Promote our cause to friends, family, and neighbors.


Ready to get to work? Here are just a few of the many new projects and initiatives we could use some help with:


~ Document alley and canal sections


~ Prepare grant applications


~ Identify funding sources for bike-ped initiatives


~ Research permeable paving surfaces – costs and alternatives


~ Create website, Facebook, Twitter content


~ Monitor FDOT projects impacting Delray


~ Study bike-ped successes and failures in other cities


~ Explore xeriscape plantings appropriate for alleys


~ Research security, lighting and code enforcement programs in other cities


~ Investigate relationships between pocket parks and bike-ped paths


~ Analyze impact of reducing dependence on automobiles


And here is a spreadsheet (.xlsx) with more detailed volunteer tasks and activities arranged by group. Board members serving as mentors and current volunteers are also identified:


HPD Volunteer Tasks and Activities Arranged by Group