Favorite Local Rides & Trails

el-rio-trail-800x600El Rio Trail

The El Rio Trail parallels the canal of the same name, through Boca Raton from Glades Road/SR 808 north to Clint Moore Road. There is one break in the trail where it crosses NW 51st Street/SR 794/Yamato Road. (There is no crosswalk here, and the train tracks also make for a tricky intersection.)


Watch for turtles, great blue herons, owls, butterflies and iguanas along the canal. Bring a fishing pole and drop a line. Bike lockers are available along the trail for those who want to hop on the Tri-Rail or Palm Tran.


A1A – Broward and Palm Beach

Most of scenic A1A through Broward and Palm Beach has dedicated bike lanes. This is a great route for bicyclists who want to ride 50 miles on a Sunday morning. Unfortunately, the Broward section features a combination of heavy traffic and, in Fort Lauderdale, parked cars adjacent to the bike lane, where riders could easily get “doored.”


One of the best stretches is the beautiful five or six miles in Boca Raton, where there bike-line on-A1A-in-bocais a bike lane on the each side of the road in addition to a paved recreational path for joggers, skaters and walkers on the west side of the road. Speed-loving cyclists in Lycra fly by on the bike lanes while recreational bikers with kids cruise along at a more casual pace using the wide, multi-use path. Though high-rise condos dominate the scenery, along the way there are some stunning ocean vistas and gorgeous vegetation. There are also outstanding recreational options such as Red Reef Park in Boca (a great snorkeling spot). Gumbo Limbo Nature Center features a butterfly garden and outdoor aquarium tanks.


lake-ida-bike-pathLake Ida West Park


Palm Beach County Park’s Lake Ida offers two miles of bike trails and beautiful lakeside beaches for boating & fishing. It also has a well-equipped and popular dog park – among the nicest in all of South Florida.