Bike-Ped Master Plan

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human_print_frontHPD has developed a Master Plan for bike-ped infrastructure in Delray Beach. The Plan consists of a North/South and East/West grid encompassing alleys, greenways, a bike-ped loop in the CBD, connection to Tri-Rail, and easy access to our beautiful beaches.


The city has adopted HPD’s Master Plan and we have begun pursuing public and private grants to fund components of this plan. In addition, we are identifying areas in the city budget that could be used to fund initial implementation activities.




Delray has the opportunity to develop an alternative transportation network favoring bikers and pedestrians by leveraging the City’s 25 miles of existing alleys:


~ Alleys in Delray are a unique asset waiting to be developed


~ Multi-use right-of-ways that are often overlooked


~ Alleys provide an authentic grittiness to the cityscape


~ Vehicular traffic would still be allowed in alleys


~ Canals west of I-95 offer the same network potential for bike-ped pathways




HPD has begun efforts to establish a bike-pedestrian path along the E4 Canal:


~ Currently devoted to flood control, not bike-ped pathways


~ Potential future connection to Boca’s El Rio Trail


~ Possible extension to Boynton Beach north of Lake Ida


~ Opportunity for many miles of bike cruising and pedestrian hiking




The Atlantic Avenue Loop will use alleys  to enable bicycling to work, school, entertainment, and shopping while reducing congestion on busy Atlantic Avenue:


~ Bike corrals for parking


~ East – West travel from I-95 to Intracoastal


~ Connection to Tri-Rail commuter train


~ Opens restaurants and retail to new customers